His Review

Dear Everyone,

It is the first time I'm writing here and wanted to share something important with you.

The review and how you feel towards it. What do you think ? Is the guest give you the rate according for what you did with him and for how much you were friendly with him and it is according to the your property ? 


I mean if you and the guest become very close friends and your place don't deserve 10 of 10 ... What do you think he will do ? 


Best Regards,


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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Dear Ahmed welcome to the Partner Community.

This is a very difficult and sensitive question to answer.

Sometimes guests even though they are happy with everything they don’t leave excellent reviews. They just don’t believe in excellent!!!

Unfortunately, we cannot please everybody no matter how hard we try so don’t worry too much just do your best and eventually you will have guests that will appreciate your hard work and reward you.

Wish you a great start and remember to introduce yourself...