Host responsibility

How far does host responsibility go? We run a busy BnB close to a landmark mountain that over the years has claimed lives. Though I always point out the dangers to our mountain tourists about underestimating what looks like an easy climb, they often shrug off advice and leave me concerned for their safety. Often on their return I find they have not left details of their hike with our DOC rangers, or they are flippant about almost getting lost. I'm not their mother and its not my role as host to worry about them, though I've had folk tell me to ring search and rescue if they're not back by say 10pm. What would you do?

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Aaltje B. 5 years ago

wow, that is a serious question. Your responsibility officially stops where you leave a note with a warning in your visitors' book. But we are all human and we do worry if things are not right.

Is there something like a warning system that travelers can make use off? Anyone can slip or get hurt. Hiking is not without danger.

Lately one of my guests needed help after she seriously hurt her ankle. She needed hospital treatment. Luckily I had time to deal with it. I could have refused her request to help her, and she was quite embarrassed, but again - I was free to assist and I didn't worry me. But if this would happen frequently it would be different.

In your situation Rhonda I think I would team up with someone who is experienced and willing to "share the load" so all responsibility is not on your shoulders only. I am sure there are people around who would love to assist you, just in case.

I know not everyone is willing to listen or take advice but an experienced hiker can leave some practical tips in your guest book with clear simple instructions? Wishing you wisdom!