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How to Boost Revenue with Occupancy-Based Pricing

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My name is Kavina and I’m one of the Account Advisors who shares advice on making the most of your listing on I’m an Account Executive in our New Zealand team and am really passionate about setting up our partners for commercial success!

Pricing has always been top of mind for guests and partners. As a general rule, before adopting any pricing solutions, you need to understand both your revenue target and occupancy targets. It starts, as you might imagine, with a good foundation.

Our tips below can show you how to appeal to a wider audience:

1. Do you know if you are limiting yourself to a specific number of guests? Be sure to understand how Occupancy-Based Pricing works

2. Occupancy-Based Pricing is just a one-time action to opt-in! Ensure that you are set up correctly for the maximum guest occupancy for each room type that you have

3.  There are many reasons as to why guests travel alone and your property can appear in more bookers’ search results by setting up a Solo Occupancy Rate

Bonus Tip:

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Isle of Wight … 3 years ago

Occupancy based pricing = discounting for fewer people, even though they still use the whole property = less money for owners ....

Svetlana Ristoska 3 years ago

please help me  I want to create ‘Price by number of guests’but  I don't have this function,your Accommodation Services team must first adjust that option in extranet settings like I saw in help centar.

How do I set up derived pricing?

If you want your rates to change automatically according to the room occupancy, you must first activate a feature called derived pricing.

In case you don't have this function, our Accommodation Services team must first adjust your extranet settings. You can reach out to your local support centre number.

Svetlana Ristoska 3 years ago
  1. Scroll down to ‘Price by number of guests’ below the calendar, and click ‘Edit occupancy pricing’.
  2. In the pop-up window, the number of guests for the base price will be highlighted. You can activate or deactivate alternative occupancies using the ‘Status’ toggle buttons. This activates drop-down boxes where you need to choose either a fixed percentage or a fixed amount to add/discount when the occupancy increases/decreases.
  3. Click on ‘Save changes’ to finalise your occupancy prices.
  4. i dont have this option