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I know that the more commission paid to booking.com, the more visibility your property get in booking.com. Would like to know usually how much of the commission need to be paid in order to maintain the visibility of my property to be on the first page of searching? In terms of reviews, will it affect the visibility as well?

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MNEgro 4 years ago

It is claimed (Booking.com claims) that commission is not the most important and the only factor to get ranked better, and I believe it actually.
Your score and availability also play an important role.


This is how I look at it and why I believe it.
Let's say first that profit is the most important for Booking, as it is for us (the hosts) also of course.


So what do you think, whose ad will Booking's algorithm show first, mine or yours, if your score is "9.4" and you offer 10 apartments, have a lot of available dates and you stick to default commission 15%, while I offer 2 apartments, my score is "8", I have some availability in August and I have set my commission to  30%?


What do you think, with whose property will Booking make money more probably, with showing mine or yours first? ;) It will show yours first for sure because you have more apartments, more availability and it is more certain that the guest will find what he is looking for with your ad than he will with my ad, so Booking will show your ad first I believe.


So I believe that commission is just one of the factors which will (maybe) rank you higher.
But only if you are fulfilling other ranking factors also... ;)

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Account Adviso… 4 years ago

Hi Elisha, 


Thank you for your question.


My name is Tiffany and I am an Account Executive here at Booking.com. I've been with the company for over 2 and half years and worked across a number of teams.


Ranking and visibility on Booking.com is influenced by a number of factors including your property's performance, your competitors' performance and the changing demand in your market. The way a guest searches also influences the ranking due to which filters or sort options they use meaning that your property can appear higher or lower in the search results. 


To learn more about your ranking on Booking.com you can visit the Ranking Dashboard in the Analytics tab of the Extranet. Regularly checking your price quality score, the flexibility of your policies, guest reviews, promotions, property page score and availability, is a great way to make sure that you're providing guests with the right offerings at the right time. 


You can find out more about ranking on Booking.com and the tools available to boost your visibility below:


If you need us again, we're always here.



Tiffany L.

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