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How can I as host contact Booking?


I am new in Booking and I try to contact someone in a chat in booking as a host. How can I do that? I come to a page "Customer Service" and see the text "Live Chat" but when I klick on it I come to my own bookings of hotels and flights as guest.

I am frustrated.

My goal is to finalize an apartment in booking but we are waiting for weegs now for the conformation code of our apartment.

Can anybody help pease.

Thanks - Jürgen

BrookAve 1 year ago

The clue was customer service.

You are not a guest ergo not a customer.

And why would you use the main website for guests when you are a partners with Extranet access?


Trying to understand your illogical mistake.


Always only use partner support options never CSTeam.

As for location verify code by post can be 5 weeks max.