How can I know where is the City Center

Hello, I'm asking a question  about how can I know where the CIty Center is located? My location's position is more Central than the Booking is considering, while others show up closer to the Center and in fact the Locations are further away?

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Ailyn Fernande… 1 year ago

Hi @Robert pușcalău

I would suggest two things for you:

1) Make sure your location is correctly pinpointed in the map. (https://partner.booking.com/en-gb/help/property-page/general-info/how-c…)

2) On the extranet, under the Property tab, select the "View my descriptions" option and if in the description is showing the incorrect location or position vs city center, please select the "see a typo" (highlighted in blue) and request the change advising a landmark or streets where the city center is considered. 

Hope this helps.