how can i make a changes on the check out time?

Or can you help me to do the changes on the check out time to 11:00am

Sharon Powney 2 years ago

This is partner forum not help desk so we cannot make change for you.  Search on Help for check out time and it will give details on where to find the setup option.

BrookAve 2 years ago

sharon seriously what the hell.?!?


Enough with the copy paste -non answer. 


its shows you didnt even read the request or cant be arsed to actually , help.


Just stop with the lazy copy paste. This has been going on for months, and is the only reason you are on the no.1. position.



Sharon Powney 2 years ago

Not really sure why you find such an issue with me copying and pasting the contact details for booking.com help team if that is all that is needed and I get many messages of thanks.  I will often personalise first line to explain why we can’t help.  Actually above wasn’t a copy and paste at all.

Being No 1 on the list doesn’t interest me at all, but obviously bothers you.

Your answers aren’t always perfect either but I am here to help partners not to criticise them.

sorry to originator of this post about this conversation you have been brought into.

BrookAve 2 years ago


I have said nothing for along time hoping you would improve and not just repeating the same line when there actually is something you can say.


that is exactly the difference, not saying what the options actually are when its plain as day, and has no need for contacting a support team who will just redirect you back here to us and the help section above.


so next time before you click to reply , :

1. Re -read the topic 3 times, let it sink in.

2. Think , what value  does your response add , if any, if its just ' contact BdC, dont dont bother, its on this page already.


3. how can you help advise or share info in such a way so that  they then know what their next action should be.


What triggered me on this one was finally I had enough, when I realised yet again  there was in fact several things you could have listed.


You only have to look at my full response to see that and let the penny drop,


It like in an IT dept when there front line staff answering calls and emails for new requests, and the IT manager is reviewing some of the responses and sees:


" EndUser:  asks for X

Sharon BLoggs  : Sorry we cant help you today, you should go google that instead "

You'd be pulled into the office and given an earful for doing it. and likely a first warning.


I see it as extremely laziness, that is all and a major no-no for something like this.


Anyways I hope you can laern from this and simply do better next time, slow,down , read it more than once, and if you genuinely dont know something , thats fine too, you dont need to respond to every single post. I'm even slowing down and will be stepping away from this alot more, so to me its important that others make the same united effort.

My crux is I care too much , thats my kyptonite.



Kind Regards,

Be Safe, Be Well.