How can I reopen a closed property and make it bookable again ?

I have closed a property because it was live as entire apartment, so I added it as a guest house and made rooms available separately and its live and going good.

Now I want to make the same property live as entire too, I want both options to be live. So if I want my property to be rented entirely, I can and if I want every room to be rented separately as a guest house, I can 

Kindly cooperate 


BrookAve 3 years ago

You cant have your cake and  eat it too...


Its one or the other.


People can just book all rooms, you don't need to complicate it like that

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Account Adviso… 3 years ago

Hi M.Arslan,

To your existing listing, you can add a new room type for your entire apartment under Property Layout. Please follow this guide if you are unsure.

It's important to ensure that you manage your availability carefully if you choose to have your individual rooms and entire apartment available at the same time for guests to book to avoid overbookings.

Kind regards,

Shirley E.