How to cancel guest's reservation due to corona situation, as a host

Hi Community,

I've been received plenty of free cancellation in the recent half-year, the accommodation tends to be bankrupted due to corona, or it has to go for another temporary plan instead of offering here with 1 guest every month, uncertainly. So i wonder how to cancel guest as a host, there is a function/button on the page to request the cancellation, but it requires either of 2 reasons "Payment was not received" or "Guest has requested cancellation", so is there any other way/button/page to cancel it due to corona, for host. Many Thanks.





BrookAve 3 years ago



Hi Ginger,


Its option 2 but the process I follow is

  1. message the guest of the cancellation and refund is about to be started, and once they get the next email notification they must click on agree to start thre refund process
  2. Now click on Request Cancel, and choose option2, wait for them to comply, then chase if needed.

All done.