How to choose the day of arrival


In july and August I want to rent by the week. I want  every rental to start on Sunday. How to do ?

Thank you very much for your answers.


Dedric H 2 months ago

Hi Claire.

You need to contact Support via the extranet.

Ask them to activate access to the following restrictions:

- No departures

- No arrival


Once it's done, you go to your calendar, and under each of your rate plans, you'll see the 2 new restrictions (underneath the minimum length of stay)

You can then bulk edit each restriction to be activate during the summer everyday except Sundays.

This way, customers will only be able to check-in on Sundays, and check-out on Sundays too, effectively making your property to rent by the week, Sun-Sun.


Make sure to apply this to all your active rate plans during the summer (or whatever period you choose).


I hope this helps.

Dedric H 2 months ago

Hi Claire.

my previous message has be deleted (I presume it's because it was in French, not in English).

So let me repost it here, in English.


then, in your Extranet,

go to the menu "inbox" then "Booking.com messages".

then, on the right side: you will see: "Can't find what you're looking for? See contact options." Click on it.

In the right column that appears, choose "rates and availability", then "other"

Finally, click See all contact options.

You can now send them a message. I hope this time, my message won't be removed...