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How to control cancellations rate. Causes and Solutions!

Cancellations are increasing every day, causing more and more frustrations! I would like to request you guys in the community to share your views on what the causes of and the solutions to this serious issue for all of us at I, personally, am deeply concerned about such frequent bookings and then cancellations thereafter. Please share your views which will help not only me as an individual but others in general. Look forward to your support 🙏🙏🙏

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Hi manager, thank you very much for taking this issue forward. I had already introduced non refundable plan but people who didn't show up didn't pay a single penny even after they were requested to pay. Non refundable plan doesn't work unless we have pre payment system. It will definitely come in handy if implements pre payment plan at discounted prices to support its partners. Furthermore, I was getting large number of bookings for the month of October well in advance. When I reached out to the guests for confirmation, every one of them had one reason or two to cancel their reservations. Some of them didn't even know how to cancel, I had to take the initiative to get their reservations cancelled. Every request of theirs needed to be conveyed to Customer Care, and the Customer Care further had to call them for further clarification. It takes such a long time for every cancellation if the guests are unaware of cancellation procedures. Finally, I had to block entire months of October and November to control fake bookings. People were booking for the festivals even before their Train tickets or flight bookings were confirmed. They were reluctant to travel once their train tickets or flight bookings were not confirmed on the corresponding days of their reservations in different Hotels/ Homestays listed on sites. Some of them seemed to have totally forgotten that they had made reservations in those Hotels/ Homestays. They wouldn't have cancelled my property's rooms if they were not contacted by me because they had nothing to lose but I had everything to because I have limited rooms with my listed property. I, therefore, request you to please look into all the causes of and solutions to these issues. We cannot take our guests for granted unless they have sense of responsibility and we can't force them to be more responsible either, until we have concrete measures to make them pay for the loses we have to incur from their no shows. 

Thank you very much once again @Didem (#Manager)

Best regards

Isle of Wight … 1 year ago

Use Payments by to take payment at the time of booking, the same as you would on AirBnB or any other platform. This will stop the timewasters.

Use non-refundable, every time. You'll get your money.

Disable Smart Flex - this overrides your other settings and allows people to cancel with 100% refund.

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M Adamopoulou 1 year ago

I agree with Isle…

Non-refundable reduces cancellations…less bookings but secure revenue…


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Thanks I#sle# and #M Adamppoulou# for your feedback. I have already spoken with customer service representative. I don't know why doesn't take the responsibility to collect money from the guests for all partners. I have been told that there are some criteria to be eligible for this option. Hopefully, everything will go well in the future. 

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Pitaya Native … 1 year ago

this is actually helpful. I appreciate all the feedbacks around here.

BrookAve 1 year ago


  1. Dont use any prepayment method from BdC. No such limitation exists.
  2. Setup prepay methods with 3rd party providers
    1. BACS /SEPA 
    3. paypal invoicing
    4. payment service provider
      1. izettle
      2. sumup
      3. square
      4. etc google for others
  3. define the process into message template - New Reservation
  4. add a time limit to prepay
  5. when the fail to comply , click Request Cancel, then option1
  6. if needed to expedite quicker inventory free up, phone partnersupport.