How to delete a property

I wants to delete a property " Swastik Hotel" ID no 3192847. which is having 2 ID.

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4 years ago

Hi Sandipshaw19,

This article in our Partner Help Centre will guide you through the steps on how to remove your property from Booking.com.

First, you can open your 'Inbox' tab in the extranet and from there, you can send us a message with ‘Account’ as the topic, explaining that you’d like to finish your agreement with Booking.com BV.

Please make sure you include the reason for this.

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Marilyn Zhang 3 years ago

There's no 'Compose new message’to click on!! There's no way to send message to you!! I want simply delete my property! Why it's so complicated??? 

Paul Bowen-Smith 1 year ago

I’m trying to delete my property too. It’s an absolute nightmare to navigate!

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Strothershome 4 years ago

I contacted Booking.com by phone and explained we had 2 listings of the same place, was so confusing the help staff deleted the duplicate.

mohit c 1 year ago

can i get their customer support no.


BrookAve 1 year ago


Reminder you are a PARTNER not a CUSTOMER if you are here as a Property Owner , so do not use the CS team contact info as it will ask you for a PIN and confirmation number you wont have.

Guests should not be on this website, and must only use booking.com and the CS help options there instead.


nope , no one here but us leprechauns , contact partner support.





Method #4 Public Phone List 





Info 4 years ago

I am in the same position. Two listings for the same property. I can't get hold of anyone on the phone. Going nowhere with this. What tel number do you use?

Strothershome 4 years ago

Google Booking.com offices and go to your country
Australia:02 9255 9200

Andriy Bondar 3 years ago

I think Booking.com is violating my privacy when not allowing to remove my property or force me to contact them and explain something. 

Just because I want isn't enough? 

jamie sibley 2 years ago

It's a lousy organization, all around. Don't give a damn about the hosts that make them money, they make everything as difficult as it can possibly be, literally! How about just a user friendly interface?

Amelia Barrett 2 years ago

I agree with you all the way but most of them are like that...especially VRBO.

Maria Hegyi 2 years ago

I am so frustrated with them too! I've been trying to delete my account and it's not happening! I can't do all the steps described, I get stuck somewhere in the middle. I think they want to wear you down and not let you go! Hate the whole system! ***

BrookAve 2 years ago

The simple answer :

How can I remove a property or end my partnership with Booking.com?

-BrookAve Edition - Minus the BdC padding


** the BdC version is not up to date.**




If you still want to remove your property from Booking.com you can follow these steps:


1) In the extranet, go to the ‘Inbox’ tab.

2) Select ‘Booking.com messages’.

3) Click on ‘See Contact Options’. << this i

4) Select the ‘Account’ topic.

5) Select the ‘Terminate contract’ subtopic, and complete the process by answering all questions.



Note: This contract termination process is designed to expedite your request, and is much faster than asking to have your property removed from Booking.com by our customer support department.


Once you perform these steps, within 14 days and/or after any pending reservations have been honoured and any outstanding invoices have been paid, your agreement with Booking.com BV will end. You will also receive an official “Termination Notification Letter” from Booking.com BV. 



If you want to remove your property from Booking.com and end your contract, but you do not see the above functionalities in your extranet, follow these guidelines:

1) Please contact customer support via the ‘Inbox’ tab, with ‘Account’ as the topic.

2) In this scenario, you will also have to close all of your rooms for future dates, so you won’t receive any new reservations. You can do so under your ‘Calendar’ or ‘Rates & Availability’ tab in the extranet.



Kind Regards

Dora Franceschi 1 year ago

Thank you!!!! Very easy to do with these instructions...



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Yvonne Williams 11 months ago

I have 'terminated' my contract three times with Booking.com - I had to keep ending to start again because of the difficulty in editing the listing! Now how do I completely delete/erase the three (now unused) listings so I can no longer see it as I want to 'start again' and don't want to get confused with the listings! Btw, are you the ONLY person on here that answers questions???? tia