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How discounts on rates & promos stack together -cheat sheet



Many partners have never seen it nor realise this is actually happening to their rates. So I'm reposting it so its pinned ,  or you can just click save article and use it for reference.






This graphic is from : Can I combine discounts on rate plans and promotions? | for Partners

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Yves Ducommun 1 year ago

Good morning,

Thanks for raising this topic as probably unknown by most of us. I also found out a short while ago as I couldn't figure out how come a guest got such high discount. I queried this with my CMS and they sent me this chart.

Competition amongst OTAs is harsh, and they always come up with new ways of making their site more attractive to guests, which is absolutely fine. Where I have a problem with this it's that it's always to our detriment which I find unfair. But I guess it's the usual story of the clay pot against the iron pot isn't it?!..

I hope that you are surviving your end. Stay safe / Yves

Jenny and Doug… 1 year ago

Hi Yves, I had this exact problem.I am fairly new to and was puzzled by all the promotions/deals all of a sudden.  I actually ended up phoning and spoke to someone in the States (I am in NZ).  They were extremely helpful so what I did is increase my nightly rate by $5, which isn't a lot but it all helps.   I then cancelled some of the promotions that I ended up with and only have 2020 plan and Genuis.  I am still booked most nights so it seems to be working.  I don't let the offers of more business if we have extra deals bother me, I just stick to the two of them.    Jenny

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Yves Ducommun 1 year ago

Hello from Cape Town, the Mother City (as it takes not less than 9 months for anything to happen... ;-)  )

Good for you Jenny!

I am glad to hear that you have business, as here it's completely dead... I don't know how long this ordeal will last as unlike most countries overseas, we have no help from the government whatsoever. 

Keep well and stay safe!

Yves & Valerie

millie munro 1 year ago

Thank you very much for your comments, how do i opt out of all the promotions.  I am very new to this and find it so confusing and frustrating that i cannot speak with a human being


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BrookAve 1 year ago

already replied to all of your posts telling you how to contact them and how to check extranet