How do I attach a PDF in the Extranet?

To inform my guests, I have to send a PDF document, but in the message service of the Extranet, I can only upload templates or send photos in JPG, BMG or PNG.
How can I attach a PDF?
Thank you.

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fluff 5 years ago

Take a screen shot of the pdf and save it in one of the acceptable formats.

609jjimenez 5 years ago

I made for bills or tickets, but for a information 5 pages is not a posibility. Sure there something we can do.

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M Adamopoulou 5 years ago

Hi! 609jjimenez Maybe you can request from your guest to give you his personal email so you can send him your PDF document. Just a thought.

Give us feedback if you find a solution...

Wish you well and welcome to the forum.