How do I change my address & synch my calendar?

Hello everyone ,

I have few Problems , First i need to change my Homestay adress to make it more precise, Second i have trouble to synchronized my calendar i have already done it between booking.com and Airbnb for this no problem , i have done it between Airbnb and homeaway/abritel no problem neither now i try to set it up between booking.com and Homeaway/abritel and it does not want to recognize the ical link and i can not export the one from booking neither....

Is there anyone i can contact does booking have a team to help their clients with issues or is it just this forum...

wish you all a very nice day or evening hoping that someone can answer my questions


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Aaltje B. 4 years ago

This question I would ask the help team. Or go to inbox to put your question there, or contact, via Home tab.

Try that.


Aaltje B.

Tessa 2 years ago

how do I link my calendars to other sites?