How do I change my room rate?



I D like to change my rates

i prefer rate of room for 2 people + more if 3 or four

but now it's the rate for 3 or for and -less if it is for2 people

BrookAve 3 years ago




That sounds like two different things


You can either have a Rate Plan for Rooms  or based on occupancy.


In general its better to keep it simple and just charge by room , it will be easier to manage and zero stress.


When you define a room type under Extranet Property menu, you can define Room Bedding oiptions such as :


Default layout = Double Bed x 1

Second layout option - Double Bed x1, Single folding bed x 1


Now you might be thinking what if its a child for the 3rd person something and than other times an adult, how to handle this.


This did my head in trying to get it to be 2 per room with optional single folding bed for use by child or adult.


In the end I had to scrap it and just set it as :

Double Bed x1, Single folding bed x 1 and Occupancy size =3.


I don't charge anything extra for the child versus 3rd adult.




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