how do i insync my calender with my site

try to insync booking.com with my site which is always updated from stand of bookings

don't want to double book

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jaybeegee 3 years ago


If your site does not use the ical api standard you will not be able to do it automatically

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Isle of Wight … 3 years ago

If your website allows you to import ical data, you can get the ical link from the Calendar Sync page in your Extranet. If your website doesn't allow you to import ical data, you can program it to read and process (parse) the ical data (this is what I've done). Likewise, you can program your own code to export ical data to Booking.com and use the Calendar Sync.

But, be aware that Booking.com calendar sync is broken - sometimes it exports data, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes it retrieves data from other sites, sometimes it doesn't. Make sure you retrieve data frequently and store it in a database, updating when you get new bookings. If you take bookings, block manually on other sites to make sure - so if you take a booking on your own website, block those dates manually on Booking.com, and vice versa.