How do I know that guests booking through this site are verified?

I'm trying to get in contact with someone about the safety of this website.

I've noticed guests who can reserve my house need to only give their address.Which can really be any address at all, as I noticed on my last booking the line the guests gave me as their address didn't have any numbers at all in them, neither could I find it via google maps.

How do I know a guest is safe to have over? Airbnb for example, verifies their identity card and such.

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BrookAve 4 years ago


Hi Sam, 

Its the same on every worldwide website that asks for an address there is no form validation done of the address, other than some basic geo-location checks.


There is no database to compare and validate the name against the address.


And it is not practical to send a code by post to everyone worldwide.

Email verification usually is considered enough.


Note: not all addresses are same format or use numbers  asuch as a house number on a street, not have an Eircode/Postcode.



How do I know a guest is safe to have over?   

Simple answer is you don't know and cant really know.



Should OTA's do ID check as part of the sign up? 

Many would say yes, but while technically its simple to do with a shared service from a provider, many just don't see a need.

It likely could become an internet standard in the coming years.




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