How do I manage these different types of suites?

Hello everyone, first time posting here! 

So basically I need advice on how to manage different suite with different capacities.

Simply the heritage house has 4 suites. One suite can only hold 2 guests. Another suite can hold 6 guests. The other two suites can hold 4 guests. The problem is pricing wise they're all the same if booked for up to 2 guests, and each additional guest has an extra fee. I used to have one listing and assign each reservation to which suite manually. But to make it easier for me to use booking and Airbnb at the same time I have to separate each suite so the guest would choose which suite to book. How can I prevent a couple from booking the suite that can hold up to 6 guests while the suite for 2 guests is still available?

I TRIED to make the problem I'm facing clear, :)   

BrookAve 4 years ago

hmm are you using a channel manager ?

I suspect not, this would help you greatly and also eliminate other issues.