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How do I set a minimum stay of 2 days or more

Guidelines say I must update rates and availability in list view or update calendar in monthly view.  The site is very complicated and I don’t understand these views.  I choose the first option:

Updating your rates and availability in list view

If you're viewing your calendar in list view, follow these steps to update your rates and availability:

  1. Log in to the extranet.
  2. Click on Rates & Availability and then select Calendar.
  3. Find the room or unit type you’d like to update availability for, then adjust the number of those rooms you’d like to sell, and on which dates, in the Rooms to sell row.

I go to step 2 and choose the link to Rates & Availability and it takes me to sign in.  I sign in and it takes me to group home page.  I choose my property and it takes me to a page with reservations, opportunities etc.  There is a calender & pricing at the top of the page which goes into my calendar, but I can’t see any reference to ‘room or unit type’ or anything about ‘rooms to sell’.

So I choose the second option:

Updating your calendar in monthly view

If you're viewing your calendar in monthly view, follow these steps to update your rates and availability: The first two steps are the same and I click through to my calendar.

  1. Select the date or date range that you’d like to update by clicking and dragging the slider in the calendar, or by selecting the Start date and End date in the panel. Click the Advanced date selection drop-down if you’d like to specify which weekdays you’d like the changes to apply to.
  1. In the panel, specify the number of rooms or units you’d like to sell for that room or unit type, which Rate Plans apply, how much you’ll charge and whether it’s non-refundable (this option is only available to properties that only have one Rate Plan). You can also add restrictions to your Rate Plans here.

In step 1, I choose the start and end date and advanced date selection but I can't make sense of step 2.  It's all about rate plans, I just want to set a minimum two nights stay

There is also reference in places to a Pulse’ app.  I’ve no idea what that’s all about to.

I’ve set up my property and it’s live, but I’m going to have to remove it, if I can’t set a two night minimum.  On the other site that I list on, I just choose the option minimum stay and specify two nights.  Surely there must be something similar in Bookings.  I'm an accountant, not an on line hospitality expert, but I've advertised my property for years and I not a complete idiot, but the site is so complex and assumes a basic knowledge which I don't have. 

I tried to message or call but the steps to do this are 1. Log in to extranet  2. Go to inbox (I choose the link which again take me to the group home page) and choose messages but I can't find messages?