How do I specify that complimentary breakfast is just for 2 persons?

Hi everyone, our property offers 2 complimentary breakfast per room, but we keep getting complains from guests saying that if the room is for 3 persons or 4 persons then the breakfast must be given to all guests. The problem is, on the booking confirmation it says 'Breakfast is included'. 

We've tried reaching out to booking.com regarding this, we even received a call from booking.com saying that we must give complimentary breakfast to all guests staying in the room, but when in frustration i contacted someone else i was told that we can give 1 or 2 or 3 breakfast, up to the property. But this does not solve our problem.

Does anyone have any advice ?

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Chara Lakeside Lodge 5 years ago

Hello Isi AR

I feel your frustration. Our lodge is new and we have a very large room with two rooms inside the main room. It was meant to be two dressing rooms?? one with a window. We changed it to one dressing room and a bedroom inside the main room. We were forced by booking.com to give guest that booked for four adults, a free room. Their excuse was, guests don't always read the policies. And how can we have four guest in a room, ONLY TWO are paying but all four insist on breakfast as it is a B&B. We would love to let the whole place to families but are now forced to change our child policy to no-children as we have had too many problem bookings.

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Wightgal 5 years ago

No C L Lodge, Booking.com can't make you accept guests for free or force you to give them breakfast. ....you need to check your booking terms and conditions and update them accordingly.