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How do I stop getting Free Parking notices from

I get this statement on a reservation and a phone message sent to me that I need to replay to the guest question:

"Important information about this guest

You have a booking who would like free parking (based on availability)."

We have FREE parking, it's always free and we have more spaces available than if every guest came with a car. It doesn't have to asked for, but I get these message each time. What setting do I set to stop this insistent questions about free parking? I've gone the Facilites & Services > Transportation > Accessible Parking > YES.

I don't see any place to specify that we have FREE parking.

What can I do to remedy this situation? 

BTW - what does " Accessible parking" supposed to mean? If you can park your car there isn't it accessible?


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Isle of Wight … 4 years ago

"Accessible" is what used to be called "Disabled", but we're not supposed to use the word "Disabled" any more ....

We have free parking too - under Property > Policies there is "Internet and Parking" (strange that these are on the same section). It says "Parking

  • Free private parking is possible on site (reservation is not needed).

 Our settings are "Yes, free", "Private", "On-site", "No reservation needed"

When I look at reservations, they all say " Important information about this guest

You have a booker that would like free parking. (based on availability)"

We don't get any notifications though ..... bookings come in and we never get asked about parking, nothing to reply to, nothing to click on ....