How do I take my property off Booking.com?

How do I take my property off Booking.com?!  I have closed all calendar options but can't see how I take it off completely. Anyone know?

Rialina2002 4 years ago

I find communicating with Booking particularly difficult. The call centers they have are not very helpful either. I guess closing the calendar and sending various messages is the way to go, but would also be interested in other options. Good luck!

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Glennroy111 4 years ago

I tried and no luck. It's almost impossible, even after calling CS. What I did was priced my condo at $ 3,000/night, that way no one will try and book it. WAY too many cancellations....not worth it. They are really missing out on an opportunity with the USA condo market. Lots of great TV commercials, but not a good partner for the owners.

Kataarlimited 3 years ago

I think booking.com is a scam site.....I have had 3 cancellations...no bookings....got an invoice from booking.com....NEVER HAD A GUEST FROM THEM.....AND I CANNOT CANCEL MY ACCOUNT....ITS CRAZY...NO MATER WHAT I DO I CANNOT GET MY ACCOUNT CLOSED

Carole brown 2 years ago

How do i take my property of booking.com web site