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How to escalate matters to high Management at

Good morning,


I am a very disgruntled so called "partner"!

Higher Management is unaccessible as overly protected by "customer agents". Such agents are from call centres in Singapore, or Greece or elsewhere. Yet the way they have been trained is disrespectful even though being overwhelmingly polite to the extent it becomes patronising.

I am tired of the repeated stereotype replies I get from customer services agents.

My question is: how can I escalate matter to High Management at

I am to the point that I am willing to buy myself a return airplane ticket to go to Amsterdam and demand to be heard by Higher Management.

Wishing you a pleasant week.

Kind regards / Yves

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Yves Ducommun 1 year ago

Thanks for your reply.

I am fully aware of the ONLY small option that we have at our disposal to make ourselves heard, and that's part of the issue. We only get to speak to so called "Customer Service Agents" (CSA). Some time you end up in Singapore, some time in Greece, yet never get to speak to the same one twice in a row, having to repeat your story over & over again.

The point of the matter is there's only so much such CSA can address, and when the reply is unsatisfactory, as so called "Partners" we should be offered an option to escalate our query to a higher level.

Eventually, 3 calls and 5 messages later and after much frustration, I got to speak to a Supervisor who in turn provided me with an e-mail address to escalate my matter even higher. Yet to be tested...

I don't pretend to be a rocket scientist, and I don't master everything within Extranet, yet after 12 years of weekly practice, I kind of know my way around. So being patronised by entry level staff is rather frustrating, if not disrespectful. should give us a tat more consideration as after all without us they wouldn't even be existing. As much as we'd lose much exposure, without them, we'd still function.

Kind regards / Yves (a disgruntled "Partner" ;-)

Michael Tomasello 9 months ago

Do what I did, I shut down my connect to the platform. No one would listen to me or help me with repeated harassment  from a fraudulent guest. They would not block him, would not cancel his stay, did nothing, this platform is a joke and I cannot believe they can operate this way.  I will host through the other LEGITIMATE companies available.