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How to get your property online and bookable

Hello everyone!

With new partners joining Booking.com every day, onboarding them smoothly and getting them online quickly is our top priority.

We noticed that some new partners post in the Community soon after they register, looking for advice on how to get their property live on our website.

If you’re a new partner eager to start getting bookings, you’ll find a dedicated page called ‘Your first steps with Booking.com’ over on Partner Help. It covers everything from logging into your extranet account and verifying your property location, to getting your property ready for guests.

Add a comment and let us know if these tips were useful.

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Isle of Wight … 4 years ago

It would be very helpful to everyone, especially new "Partners", if we had more "normal" style forums where information like the "first steps" is visible as a "sticky" type post pinned to the top of each forum area.

4 years ago

Hi Isle of Wight Vacations! Thank you for your comment. We are going to improve our community, to make it easy and useful for all partners.   

Bar Maaravi 4 years ago

Hi Sergei,

We have a property in Havana, Cuba and we are trying for more than 2 months to get a verification code in order to start working with Booking.com

Unfortunately, the letters never arrived, we send emails and asked for an alternative method, but no one has responds... we called Booking offices in Israel, Mexico and the US but know one can give us a solution. we are just getting a response that someone from Cuba or Mexico should contact us, but we are waiting for 2 months for it to happen. 

Can you help us? we need the contact details of the Cuban office or the team that is responsible on Cuba.


Thank You