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How to have a dishonest guest review removed

I am informed by that this cannot be done.

Anybody have experience in this regard?



Ismini Karali 2 years ago


they don't do anything about the reviews

in the best case, they might delete the comments, not the rate

Karen Maddocks 2 years ago

I today received the lowest possible scores from a guest. He left no comments so I am not able to reply. My villa is 100 metres from the sea and a picturesque fishing harbour. It's location is excellent. It has been completely refurbished top to bottom - new pool, pool area, walk-in shower, fully tiled, hot tub etc. It is always spotlessly clean.. There is a welcome pack ans someone on hand to provide help. The rate was very reasonable. 

I only have two other reviews (both 10s). However, this negative review has significantly lowered my rating. I contacted but they will not remove it. Because no comments were left I have no way of responding to the review. I really do believe it is a malicious review for whatever reason.

This is not a genuinely honest review. I feel like I want to remove my listing from now but i have reservations for next year.'s review policy and their response to 'dishonest' reviews sucks.


Cristina Gurchankov 1 year ago

Hello Karen,

same case scenario happened to me, everything was good, since one guest for no reason decided to rate my property with the lowest score ever.  And there is nothing we can do, and Booking doesnt want to help at least to try to eliminate the reviews.

Muhd Syafiq Hilmy 3 months ago


Yup, absolutely no way to remove false rating / dishonest review. I would prefer other platform than now. Definitely will increase the rate on to prevent guest coming from this platform.