How to manage lost properties efficiently

FindMyLost - the platform for Booking hosts who find lost properties in their houses.


Hi! If you have the problem of finding multiple items forgotten by guests at your houses, I can suggest you an effective and completely free solution: We are talking about FindMyLost, the startup that has first digitalized the lost properties management service!

Let me summarize the steps to use this solution, managing this problem in the easiest and most efficient way and to offer an extra service to your guests.


As for the host side:

- register on the FML web page (www.findmylost.it), ;

- select "I’ve found an item";

- insert what you found (e.g. keys, passport, etc.), choose the right category and the finding date;

- write where the object was found (for convenience you can use the geo-localization of the venue);

- upload a photo (otherwise it is unlikely to be approved by FML Team!);

- enter the brand, color and delivery method (in person or delivery service);

- you can also select if you would like a reward;

-publish the item!


At this point, you're done! You just have to wait for the FML Team to approve the item and then it will be published. Normally, the approval takes few hours. We advise you to refer the guest to the FML link www.findmylost.it to request their item and purchase the shipment.


If you are a Guest, the steps are the following:

- go on the same web page and register, remember to enter your address in the “profile” section (the same address where you will receive the item);

- go to the "I’ve lost an item" section;

- enter "what you've lost" (e.g. passport, mobile phone, etc.), the location (always using the venue address) and the date of loss, you can also add optionally the brand, color, category, then click on "start search".

- if your object appears among the results you can then request it by contacting the host. I suggest you to attach a proof of ownership in chat!


Once this is done the host receives a notification on the chat and by selecting “please verify" can accept or reject the request.

As soon as the host assigns the item, the guest can click on "proceed" to select the delivery method (in person or delivery service) and pay with PayPal or credit card via PayPal! The user now can finally get his object back!

The advantage is that the host receives the label directly, which he only has to attach to the package. In fact, the process is completely automatic! Avoiding the tedious exchange of emails/calls with the guest necessary with traditional methods, very convenient!!

FindMyLost also manages the lost property service of large companies such as Trenitalia, Naples Airport, the English bus company National Express, which takes operates between the airports of London and the city.


BrookAve 3 years ago


Thats actually an interesting idea.


Since many of us have smart phones ,and take photos of rooms before cleaning in case of damage etc..


It would be a major convience to have this as an app and can quickly add items found via the phone camera.


Then have a optional action to send link via SMS or email to the guest SMS or email we have.

Remember not every guest will have email nor a smartphone. Yes some still have or by choice have pre smart phone edtions.


Kind Regards

Elena Bellacicca 3 years ago

The app is on the store but currently is under renewal, in the meanwhile, you can upload a photo through the webpage via the phone camera!!