How to put in calendar a date where one guest leave and other arrive

Hello everyboday,
So I know that for example Airbnb has an option that at the day that one guest leave and other arrive - that calendar date is half-closed.
My question is-if guest are leaving on lets's say May 1 at 10 a.m., should May 1 be open or closed on my calendar? Keep in mind that May 1 is open for new guest to arrive after 10 a.m.
Many thanks!

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M Adamopoulou 5 years ago

Hello! -Rga-Malinska and welcome to the forum. It all depends how you want to handle your arrivals and departures. For me it’s a little frustrating to have arrivals and departures on the same dates because I don’t have enough time to clean and refresh my Studio. If you can clean your place on the spot you can have it open. You can give it a try and see how it goes....
Have a nice day...