How To - Quickly make a room available again


Alternative Topic Names: 

  • A guest cancelled last minute of short notice, how to quickly make it available on my calendar
  • A guest will be a no show due to government COVID restrictions , free up the room asap.
  • How To  free up a booked room quickly


So long as you know guest is not coming or is not allowed come, you can do this.

Any doubt just ask here or if time sensitive contact Partner Support.




How To Steps:


  1. Open their reservation details page and note the Room Type it is.
  2. Open Calendar - List View.
  3.  Drop down choose that Room Type.
  4. Its all about managing the inventory count so if fully booked and this will free up only 1 room, you will see no free inventory and Net Booked will be greyed out, and the row above RED.
  5. You can either click on that red box or use the Bulk Edit tool to modify it.
  6. Essentially what you are going to do is increase the inventory count for that date (range), for that Room Type by +1 or the number of rooms the cancelled guest booked.


Visual Guide: By Bulk Edit Tool


visual guide bulk edit inventory to quickly free a room up by increasing inventory only for those dates.


Sergei - Commu…
2 years ago

Thanks for the guide, BrookAve!