How-To Set Additional Charges and Fees such as Cleaning Fees




Any fee you want to add as Per Stay, Per Night etc can easily be done using the Additional Charges section.


This is located under the Extranet Property Menu, then Policies.


  • Logon to Extranet

  • Go to https://admin.booking.com/hotel/hoteladmin/extranet_ng/manage/policies…

  • or click Property, then Policy.

  • Scroll down to Additional Fees & Charges.

    add fees1

  • Click on Edit

  • Now you can enable and define, Damage Deposit, and if any other fees outside of Rate are required.

  • Damage Deposit [Y/n]

  • Any other fees [Y/n]

  • Type of Fee

    fee type













  • Is this part of the Rate? [Y/n] 

  • Payment Type 

.................Cost Per Stay - eur/Stay

.................Cost Per Night - eur/Night

.................Percentage -  %


  • Amount 

............Set Amount if applicable.


Click SAVE to complete.

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Thanks Barry for sharing with us so useful information.

Wish you well.

Paulbratty 3 years ago

Hi Barry I can see that I have already set up a cleaning fee charge but I can’t see it on the property page for guests to see when booking a holiday.

BrookAve 3 years ago


Usually it can be seen during the select room stage and during the checkout summary.


When they hover over the room select ion cost their is a break down shown.


There might be an option to turn it on under Facilities & Services. That list is usually what most of the listing page is triggered by, i.e. then shown based on.


Kind Regards

Paulbratty 3 years ago

Hi BrookAve I’ve looked on the page and can’t see anything under Facilities & Services. I’ve tried booking as far as I can go but can’t see the final clean extra payment. Thanks Paul 

Elite Vacation 1 year ago

Hello BrookeAve,

It seems to me that your answer only applies for certain properties/accounts. I believe that only those who recently listed their properties can have this option. Older listers have to create new listing for their properties to have their "Additional Fees & Charges" tab shown. I have two properties listed: one of which shows this tab (created recently) while the other (older) property doesn't show tab. Is this a bug in the system? Or Am I missing something?

ThanksThis section is not shown in my older listing

Milagros Rivas 3 months ago

Hello! All "Additional Fees & Charges" are commissioned by Booking?

Additionally, is it possible to set an "Additional charge" with a filter of minimum of nights?