How to set variable check-in times

Hello all,

I'm having a hard time to find a way to set up variable check-in times for my property. I know check-in times are set in Property > Policies > Guest information. The problem is that I need different check in times for Sunday. Times goes like this:

  • Mon to Sat : 2pm - 9pm
  • Sun : 4pm - 8pm

Is there any way to set this up in admin interface?

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Leandri Klopper 4 years ago

Hey there,

Wow good question. I was scratching around on the platform now trying to see if there is something like that but sadly I also could not find it. I would advise that you suggest it to Booking.com via the Feedback button at the bottom of the page on Policies. In the meanwhile, maybe just advise the guests via a message ?

Sorry, wish there was a better way. If you find one though, please will you post it here so we all can also know.


KMK penzión 4 years ago

Thanks for looking into it. I submitted feedback as you suggested.