How to tell the difference between a Fellow Partner and Community Staff



It seems there are many who do not understand that most of the time the people they speak to on here are actually other partners.


These other partners can be from any where and everywhere around the world.


Of different generations, age, cultures and beliefs.



So how can you tell the difference? Its actually right there in front of you and very easy.


  • Partner avatars have a circle around them with bottom right a number.
  • Community Staff have  circle with letter B instead of number.


What does the number on a Partner Avatar mean?


This number is essentially a Level Up indicator, based on XP earned from contributing to the forum, new topics, responding to others etc.


Many partners who receive help from other partners do NOT even acknowledge it by clicking Thumbs Up.


Others abuse the Thumbs Down, when upset with BdC for things that have nothing to do with the Partner trying to help.


How can I tag a Staff member or the Communities Team in a post?


To tag a partner or staff member or the communities team, simply:

  • type @
  • followed by partial match to see  a match list appear on bottom of the memo box.
  • Then you can click the correct one



will bring up about 6 viewable matches.





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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Hi Barry,


Thanks for this post....as you can see very few fellow partners have viewed it....

How sad!!!!!

Some Partners complain again and again about guests that they do not read policies!!! while they dont even say thanks to fellow partners that try to help them...


Unfortunately, people want others to do their job...


I myself and other partners in the past....as you have posted relative posts.... nevertheless nobody reads!!!


Hopefully, partners will see, read and acknowledge your comments.


Wish everyone well.





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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Dear Barry,


I would also want to add....

"Do the right thing even when no one is looking!!!"