How to track bookings (Conversion Tracking)?

I want to promote my listing on Facebook and use Facebook conversion tracking (Pixel) to enhance ad placements on Facebook.

How it works is like this, a person views an advertisment (Ad) on Facebook that lists a Booking.com property, then navigates to Booking.com and book the property, what I want to happen is that Booking.com reports back to Facebook that this person completed the purchase so that Facebook can show that Ad to similar users and enhance the Ad placement which can hugely affect the pricing and the quality of users the Ad is shown to.

Does Booking.com offer this feature? or how can I set a page on my website that Booking.com can direct the user to after they book successfully (where I can place Facebook pixel on and report to Facebook)? 

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Khaled


As a former web designer, I can tell you that is not a thing and can only be done when you direct people to your 'Booking Button ' or Booking site'


In other words is more about advertising your booking site and then add that to it directly.