HowTo - Make an Invoice for a business traveler


  • The free method is Google Sheets or an online web based service such as tradeshift.com
  • What You need:
    • Minimum
      • Guest Full Name 
      • Rate plan type
      • number of nights
      • cost per night
      • vat rate applied ( if any)
      • What genius discount percent used
      • any additional mandatory fees such as cleaning fee
      • If you want it to show pre vat pricing you will need to calculate that or simply use the spreadsheet to calculate it for you in reverse from the total 
  • Example of a google sheets invoice template
    • google sheets business traveler invoice template
    • you only have to make this once and save it each time and alter the line items and values, so it is worth the effort to get it just right.
  • Same can be done with Microsoft 365, free web apps version or the paid subscription.


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M Adamopoulou 1 year ago

Thanks Barry for posting…


I saved it…very helpful…


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Tavistock Clos… 5 months ago


This is useful, but what happens if you're not VAT registered?

I see that Booking.com charge VAT on bookings at my property, but as I'm not VAT registered I cannot legally provide a VAT invoice to my guests...