HowTo - Pay Commission online via 3rd party payment transfer platform using Card or bank account

So I have seen this topic come up many times in different forms :


  • Too expensive to use my bank to transfer commission payment
  • How can I use my Debit or Credit Card to pay commission online?


Boils down to those two scenarios


There are 3rd party companies who provide low cost transfers as a platform.

one of these such platforms is WISE , formerly TransferWise.


I forgot i had an account and hopped on to it yesterday to confirm it actually would save alot of hassle for many in regions /countries where their bank or local banking is a joke and overcharging on fees.


  • What you need ?
    • the invoice number 
      • Finance > Docs & Invoices page
    • your partnerID number
      • top of your Extranet homepage
    • Receiving Bank IBAN info
      • Extranet > Finance Menu > Overview 
        • From here you can grab the IBAN and related info for Booking Bank to send to
    • Your bank card


  • Whats Next ?
    • Once you have all the pre-reqs to hand , put hem into a notepad on screen
    • yes sit down at an actual computer on an actual browser
    • and open in open tab Extranet - admin.booking.com to get what you need
    • now in another browser tab open  https://wise.com
    • first thing you see is an online calculator so you can see how you will save on transfer fees when using cards versus bank accounts.
    • click on the drop down Fast Transfer fee 
    • move on to create account 
    • using the amount due and the recipient bank select and set accordingly
    • change the drop down to see the 3 transfer types and fee calculation will update based on the amount to pay for commission.
    • note
      • do add the invoice number and partnerID in the remittance note box
      • this may be differing results depending on where you are located verses the target region bank
      • but at least you tried and got to see the transfer fee is tiny compared to what your own bank was charging.


Right you have nothing to loose by trying it out. Like I mentioned it may not be suitable for everyone , but lets see who it can help.





Some Screenshots







SELECT Business or Charity 

Now insert the bank info you got from the Finance .


Worst case enter your own.



Francisco Chevez 11 months ago

is this article still valid by BDC

especially sin WISE changed name