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HowTo : Restricting Check-in Day of the week and Checkout Day


Example : Saturday Check-in only and check out only on Saturdays.

This is a 7 night stay minimum with option to book as 7,14,21,28 for length.




  • Request All extended fields in Calendar List view to be activated
  • With the new extended Fields enabled, No Arrivals, No departures etc. 
    • Open Calendar -List View  
    • Expand the rate plans / promotions on left  
    • Now you see all the extended fields.
      • Min. Length of Stay
      • Max Length of stay
      • No Departures - click to toggle to Enabled/True
      • No Arrivals  - click to toggle to Enabled/True
      • Min Adv reservation - a value for days or xh where x is hours myimage  
    • Here is where it gets a bit complex but once you keep focused it will make perfect sense....  
    • You Set Sundays- Fridays as No Arrival = True, by clicking that field under that day.  
    • If you do not allow checkouts earlier than 7 night stays, then also toggle on  No Departures for Sun-Fri  
    • You set Max Length Stay 7 , assuming you only want weekly.  
  • You might want to set a max stay too, of 28days



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Corinne Barbereau 10 months ago

Hello i dont see no arrival and no departure...thanks for helping

Dianne Gregory 7 months ago

Hi, I do not have a line for departures and arrivals?  Thanks

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BrookAve 7 months ago

of course you dont so follow the steps i gave you., thats the whole point of this. its Literally spelt out in front of you. click the link !! ./facepalm

Louise Thornton 3 months ago

Thanks for this, I set it up yet it still allowed someone to book on the sunday to sunday?!

Claire Burns 2 months ago

Thank you, that does help.  I've decided to stick with Air BnB for now as don't give info about commission and also don't pay very quickly.  Thank you though if I ever have more time to get sort it I'll try again, I'm not a fan of Air bnb.


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BrookAve 2 months ago


Commission usually starts at 15, then once you use visibility booster and Pref partner and smart flex its 18% for me.


Weekly payout on Pay by Booking,  Thursdays then arrives by following Tuesday.


Commission and payment gateway % deducted at source.