I am not happy with booking.com allowing negative reviews like"no breakfast ' when I am a self catering lodge, no meals provided.Booking.com gets money from my business that I pay for and manage to the best of my ability. I get few booking only when there

Clearly advertised as a self catering lodge , no meals provided. Also I receive very few bookings and mostly after midnight then clients complain about cold water  when we use gas geysers to prevent loadshedding problems and cannot have geysers check in the middle of the night because they all choose to look for accommodation at that time, mostly when they're drunk from parties. The thatch roofed chalets do drop a little bits of grass at times especially in summer. That cannot be helped. You booking .com survive off our businesses and do not check if negative attitude s are reasonable, thereby affecting our business.

Uie to this I request that you delist my property Afruca Unplugged Guest Lodge Zeerust Za from your partner Hub..I request that you Cancel my listing with immediate affect.

Yours sincerely Hazel Lottering 


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Ailyn Fernande… 1 year ago

Dear @Hazel Lottering

If your property is correctly advertised as lodge or guest house and you have no information about meals or restaurants offered, guests should not be able to add a score to this service, however, they can add a comment though. I would take the comment as a possibility for you to offer such service (with the corresponding price adjustment) as guests do expect it. I would also suggest you check if your competition offers breakfast or meals and the price between them and yours so that you could identify the possible issue on "value for money" ratings.

If you still want to end the partnership with us, then please follow the steps mentioned in this link: https://partner.booking.com/en-us/help/legal-security/terms-local-laws/…

Hope this helps.



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Jasleen - Comm… 1 year ago

Hello Hazel,

Sorry you are unhappy about the review system. 


What also helps is if you leave a friendly note in the room telling the guests about the facilities that are and aren't available at the property. You can also suggest them some restaurants nearby.