I can no longer offer short term rentals

cant find out how to inform Booking.com of this - I have tried to snooze listing and because there is 1 x reservation for next June it asks me to contact customer services if I cannot honour this but cant seem to find anyway of doing this???

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Claire


Since it is that far in future, you can still go ahead and snooze as needed, or change the restrictions for minimum length of stay.


If you mean something else like need to do it monthly, then make a new rate plan and disable the other rate plans after it is setup and active.


Get up to speed with :  Managing Availability by BrookAve


Then if you are still struggling to setup availability, phone BdC Support, see guide below.


How To cancel a future distant booking:

  1. Message the guest via the details page for the booking.
    1. "Sorry to inform you your booking for next year, must be cancelled as we are not operating for those dates choosen. You will shortly recieve a BdC system notification, and need to click to complete it and any prepaid rate will be refunded by BdC, shortly."
  2. Now on the right pane of the reservation details page, click Request Cancel
  3. Choose option 2.
  4. Wait for guest to do their task once the notification is seen.


Give it a few days if needed, but do follow up with them if the status does not change to cancelled.





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