I do not want local (Estonian) to reserve in my hostel ,,

I would like to know if there is any way to prevent locals (Estonians) to reserve in the hostel. I have got lot of troubles because of them and I would like to find a tool to prevent them from booking in the hostel.

is there any specific tool to do that ?? 

is it common to have problems specially with local or is it with me only?? 

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fluff 4 years ago

We're fine with our locals.

The only way I know how to do this is to increase your prices to an unattractive level. Then offer a discount down to the level you really want to sell at BUT exempt your country from the discount, if the exemptions on your extranet are precise enough to do that.

Marianna Neste… 4 years ago

Hi, ou - its such a cute and honest "ask for advice" - so cute. Sorry do not know how to help you out, but it was so cutely said "like no local estonians to reserve your hostel". 

Im also from Estonia, but live in Spain and rent my apartment here. That's why it was so lovely to read your "ask for advice". Anyway - im Marianna, and nice to meet you. Anytime you are close to Malaga - let me know :)