I don't want ANY reviews, can I do this?

Is there any way to turn off the review option all together? I don't want to be held to ransom by vexatious guests and would rather have no reviews at all. I haven't been going for long and I'm already fed up of stressing over getting a bad review. I didn't have any problem filling my calendar without them so I'd like to carry on without them.

BrookAve 1 year ago


i know sometimes that would be great idea but no.


water off a ducks back, think of it that way and move on from it.


there are clever ways to reply to bad comments



 no one here but us leprechauns , contact partner support.


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Frances MacKenzie 1 year ago

Then we should get a much better response from BC when we get a vexatious review. It's all very well saying water off a duck's back but it isn't. The reviews can damage your business unfairly. I received an unfair, totally untrue review because a guest didn't get their own way (wanted to check out late) They just made up a whole heap of rubbish and dropped my review score through the floor because I only had a couple more reviews. It will take me ages to recover from this one untrue bad review and there is no mechanism to fight back.