I have a doubt about comissions

Hello everybody, My name is Alejandro Vasquez and I am Booking host in Medellín Colombia.

I would like to ask about some doubts i have related to the commisions. 

The service I provide consist in one room in a big house, with its own private bathroom and wi-fi. Also it has a common kitchen and other areas that the client can use.

When I configured the prices I choose a rate of $40.000 COP per night. The client pays in cash the day that he or she arrives, but they pay only $36.000 COP per night because, the site shows the price as if the comission was paid....but now I recieved the invoice telling me that I have to pay the comission. 

So my question is should I charge for $40.000 COP per night, ? because the client is charging the comision and the booking site too. The client pays without including the comision that i have to pay later. So I guess I am paying comission twice. 

I am not sure, but i would like to solve this doubt.

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Alex - Content… 1 year ago

Hey! In essence "commission structure is based on the idea that the price you set is the price guests should pay" (taken from this article that might help you out).


More from that article:


You can see reservation-level details like how much commission is due or how much has already been paid for any particular invoice by viewing your Reservation statements in the extranet.

    1. Log on to your extranet
    2. Click on the Finance tab and select Reservation statements
    3. Choose a Period from the drop-down menu to see all the reservation details that have been included in a particular monthly invoice, including how much commission you owe

    Alejandro Vasquez do let us know if this clarifies things for you? Tagging Didem - Community Manager  is a good way to get in touch

    Alejandro Vasquez 1 year ago

    ok, that is very clear right now. Now I have another question. How can i pay the comission in cash?,...does booking has an account number where i can make the payment, i have no credit card in this moment.