i have to include a fee for pets. i go to policies -add a new fee for pets but there is no allowance for pets .How do i include a pet fee ?

does anyone know to include a fee for pets?.The advice is to go to policies -extra fees and include it there but there are lots of extra fees listed but no pet fees.Can anyone tell me how i can add a pet fee thanks

BrookAve 1 year ago



  • in policies you can turn it on as allowed but not set fees there.
  • instead its not an additional fee, its an option on demand fee that would have t obe paid either up front by say BACS/SEPA bank transfer or another 3rd party method you share with the fees in the message template - NEW Reservation.



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Ayesha Irfan 1 year ago

I usually pass my bank details to the guests. Some pay and some don't. Difficult to chase them. All the best.