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I need to speak with someone. I keep getting bookings for times my lproperty is not available.

How do I prevent bookings on my property when it is not available?

Sharon Powney 3 years ago

You have posted this on the partner forum so we cannot help with this if it is a technical issue. Otherwise you need to mark property as Closed if no one can book, using Rates and Calendar

Contact booking.com help team using Inbox icon on Extranet (Option booking.com messages) or give help team a call see link for local phone numbers. 


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Miguel 3 years ago

Hello Mary

Are you using a channel manager? Maybe there is a connectivity issue.

Bear in mind that if you use ical to sync Booking with other channels, the synchronization is not in real-time.

If you are not using a channel manager, the easiest way is to close availability from the calendar in your Booking extranet.

Good luck!