I want to cancel a booking on my apartment.

The client want throw a birthday party in the apartment. She sent a message requesting discount and on the same message she mentioned that on 17th is her birthday hence she want book my place on that day.

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Adalberto


and why not ? did you even ask how many will be coming?


I dont know about giving a discount as you can only do that if  paying you directly.


But if you only know its her birthday, and only making a decision based on that, are you :

  1. being an old grumpy person.
  2. or genuinely out of touch with others.
  3. or dont realise you can ask for a deposit to cover potential damage and therefore not come across as an auld grumpy man. and let her have her birthday party.


Considering the times we live in :

1. Think First

2. Dont just react

3. Think about how you can accommodate a request instead of knee-jerk reactions to 'oh hell no'.

Right now based on the Booking T &C, you dont have a valid real reason to cancel this booking.


Kind Regards,

Be Safe, Be Well.


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