I want to cancel today reservation


I got a email from booking.com that a customer who made a reservation tonight want to cancel this reservation free

He also sent me a text message to cancel that reservation so I agreed to do  

but the problem is that even though I click the "free cancel" button in email, I can't cancel until I write down someone's name and department

what is that mean? what I can do is only that I have to contact customer service to cancel this reservation

but I don't know where the customer service is. 

He's making me annoying.. 

I want to cancel this reservation and I want to let him to not make a reservation my residence anymore

BrookAve 4 years ago

While you can cancel it, dont.

They are asking for cancellation waiver, again dont.

You are not obligated to do so .


Just click deny when you get emails like that.


When you initiate the cancel via their reservation page, you also have a report issue feature, there you can block them.

Mike Stahl 4 years ago

please cancel reservation for *** ***