I want to change my address

help us update our address. Its been more than 2 years we are listed with booking.com but we are dissatisfied due less bookings, and we assume its because of a wrong address leading wrong Description.

provide a way change it. We have tried plenty of times but this is near impossible and we are struggling a lot.

Govind Lall 2 years ago

Hey Claire, thanks for your reply. But I have tried this method plenty of times in 2 years. I am not getting a proper support from Booking.com on this issue.

This issue was diverted to another representative since the representative was not able to solve it. And later no one called me yet and no update on the same.

We are eagerly waiting for an update on the issue.

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Claire - Accou… 1 year ago

Hi Govind,

Sorry to hear you're not getting support and that no one has called you back. Did you happen to try looking for the Booking.com contact phone number in your properties extranet using the instructions I provided in my first reply? A local agent who understands the processes in your country, should be able to manually update this for you right away via telephone. Did the original agent you spoke to give you any reason as to why they couldn't update this for you? 

Kind regards,