I would like to cancel a booking (***) for Covid reasons

Reference:  ***. Marston Hall,  ***

I received a new booking last night from ***.  He lives in an increasing high risk area and I do not wish to go ahead with the booking for this reason.  

The guest needs to be reimbursed in full.  How do I authorise this with you?  Please let me know either by email to *** or by telephone ***


I look forward to hearing.

Liz Thorold

Host/owner.   Marston Hall

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Liz Thorold


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Cancelling a booking


Bear in mind , it is possible they have been in isolation this entire time, regardless of where they come from.


  1. Open reservation
  2. Message guest :
    We cannot accept your booking at this time due to COV19. You will get a notification to action shortly. If you prepaid BdC, by clicking the link in the notification you trigger the 100% refund process. Thank you for understanding, and hope to welcome you another time. Kind Regards ,Be Safe, Be Well.
  3. On right pane of the detail page, click Request Cancelation.
  4. Choose option 2
  5. system notifies guest. pending guest confirmation now.
  6. once guest clicks the link in email the system updates to cancelled and if anything prepaid to BdC on your behalf, it will process refund.


all done.


Note: if guest does not like that and phones BdC CS for Guests, they could potentially turn this into a relocation and then you get an invoice for it.

In my experience this generally does not happen.



Kind Regards,

Be Safe, Be Well


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