If guests do not follow the rules of the hotel or guest house, how can i evict them without causing incovenience? If they give me a bad review , even if i tried to solve the situation without problems , what can i do?

I had a group of noisy young people who disturbed the other late at night. There where broken bottles i assumed they trow at each other, another guest came out to see what was happening and they started swearing at him. They refuzed to leave so i give them money for the night they had to stay, otherwise they would not leave...they left me a negative review , wich i could not answer. The people from booking told me that i cant delete him or do anything about him , they can only do it ass way so that he can never book with us again. 

BrookAve 3 years ago


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Hi Bianca,


sorry to hear, unfortunately, its mostly true. You can ...

  1. Report booking and mark it as Blacklist / block guest in future.
  2. Tick BdC to follow up , if you want them to chase them for you, as to how far BdC will take it I do not know.
  3. Increase booking minimum age, and request deposit.
  4. Ratings - simply ignore move on , nothing you can do unless the comments breach the rules. If no comments then you cant reply to it.
  5. how can i evict them without causing incovenience - good luck with that, theres not really one particular thing you can do, that may or may nor make thgings worse. I would not have given them money, and simply called the police to remove them .



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