Improving Search Position

Hi, having done everything I can to build my business from scratch - acting on all Opportunities I have been sent from Booking.com and obviously getting the best possible reviews through the service I offer (rating is currently 9.7), I'm very concerned about the position my property appears in on the Booking.com site when doing a search based on the nearest town.

The property is located in a nearby village (and obviously the search position is much higher if the name of the village is entered in the search) - but I'm concerned that people visiting the area would search around the nearest town - and the last time I checked, my apartment came in at position 88 in the list of available properties. It is particularly annoying as many of the properties above me in the list are up to three times as far away from the search location. 

I really can't afford to pay additional commission fees to boost the visibility of my property - can anyone suggest an alternative?

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Hi Nigel,

Until your search result improves..have in mind...

....Word of mouth is often the most powerful marketing tool....

Wish you all the best...