Inaccurate recording of calander inported from Airbnb

My booking .com calander is inaccurate by one day with regards to Airbnb. There is no Airbnb booking on the dates shown but Booking.com is showing that there is one. Also the dates are inaccurate by one day. The Airbnb calander is accurate as is trip advisor. All three calanders are sync. I cannot over ride the booking .com calander removing the Airbnb booking to make it accurate. I have tried importing the Airbnb calande ragin but it says I have already imported it. Any suggestions please.

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Tim


there is no real time sync, never has been, simply dont try to.


The only real solution is to use a Channel manager, a 3rd party service , that acts the the sync manager and initiator, its the only way, otherwise you end up with double and over bookings.


e.g. nobeds, cloudsbeds etc..


I would export all valid bookings from each OTA , into excel spreadsheet or similar,, in separate sheets, then combine into a 4th sheet to see the lreal list.


then remove all imports in the BdC calendar.


now using that spread sheet block out dates manually